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Gorst Valley Hops News In The News

Read the latest articles, features, or even videos that showcase Gorst Valley and what we are all about....HOPS!


GVH Passes Food Processing Plant License Inspection | 09.29.2011

Gorst Valley Hops is now a licenced food processing plant, after passing inspection from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP).  According to DATCP, this makes us the first licensed hops processing facility in the Midwest.  We are very proud of the fact that our growers and brewers can rest assured that at GVH we take quality control and cleanliness standards extremely seriously.  Check out the official press release here.


Motion 414 | 06.13.2011

Motion 414 requires that craft brewers sell their beer to a distributor and repurchase it in order to serve it at their own establishments!  It will severely limit the ability for our craft brewing partners to operate profitably.  Write to your representatives and object to this ridiculous legislation!  You can see a copy of Motion 414 here.  Our response to the WI legislature, drafted with our friends at the Midwest Hops and Barley Co-op, can be found here.

2009 Agricultural Development and Diversification Grant | 05.20.2011

Wisbusiness.com has a nice writeup on the final report for our AD&D grant, and how we were able to use it to lay the foundations for Gorst Valley Hops.  

Gorst Valley Hops on Wisconsin Public Television | 11.04.2010

In Wisconsin does a feature segment on the 2010 harvest.  

Watch the full episode. See more In Wisconsin.

Furthermore Beer Announces "Hopperbolic" IPA with GVH Hops | 9.28.2010

A new IPA from our friends at Furthermore made locally with Gorst Valley Hops.  
To read the article CLICK HERE.

Bringing Hops Production Back to Wisconsin | 8.18.2010

Bringing hops production back to Wisconsin - Wisconsin State JournalJames Altwies launched Gorst Valley Hops in 2008 by bringing together a group of friends willing to take an ownership stake in the company — each with an area of expertise who could address specific elements in the process of reintroducing hops as a cash crop in Wisconsin.  

To read the article CLICK HERE.

Wisconsin Beers Brewed With Local High-Quality Hops | 7.22.2010

Agri-View has just published an interview with Gorst Valley Hops Director James Altwies.  
To read the article CLICK HERE.

New York State Hops Institute | 3.20.2010

Gorst Valley Hops will be traveling to Utica, New York to help the Northeast Hop Alliance (NEHA) present its first ever Hops 101 Course. The workshop will take place March, 20 at the Saranac Brewery from 8am - 5pm. For complete details CLICK HERE.

Business Profile: Gorst Valley Hops | 1.29.2010
Wisconsin Eye Television - Madison, WI

Gorst Valley Hops is working to reintroduce hops in Wisconsin. The mission of the business is to provide farmers with a high-value crop that they can produce on small acreage within a system that returns the majority of the value of the crop back to the grower. In this program recorded at the WisconsinEye studios in Madison, James Altwies, the company’s director and horticulturist, and Christine Molling, the company's outreach specialist, joined Jason Fischer, WisconsinEye’s Business Profile host, to discuss.....WATCH VIDEO

Grants Aim to Boost Agriculture Innovation | 1.07.2010
The Business Journal of Milwaukee - Milwaukee, WI

Eleven agriculture innovators will share $225,500 in grants for projects designed to strengthen, build or restore sectors of the Wisconsin agricultural industry. The Agricultural Diversification and Development Grants build on the state’s efforts to encourage innovation and diversity in agriculture, Wisconsin’s signature industry......READ MORE

Jumping on the Hop Crop Bandwagon | 12.28.2009
Wisconsin State Journal - Madison, WI

A team of hop enthusiasts is reaching out to Wisconsin landowners, offering the chance to become part of what they hope will become the state’s hop-growing revival. All you need to jump on the hop crop bandwagon — the product that provides the characteristic bitter taste to beer as well as its flowery aroma — is an acre of suitable farmland anywhere in Wisconsin.....READ MORE

Gorst Valley on NBC15-Madison | 12.15.2009

Hail to Small Scale Hop Farmers | 11.30.2009
The Country Today - Eau Claire, WI

Let’s face it: a hoppy beer is a happy beer. Homebrewers and commercial brewers alike know the range of nuances using “just the right hop” can add, whether bold or subtle, or in aroma or flavor. That’s why the recent world-wide hop shortage sent shock waves through the beer industry as a whole. From brewers, to sellers, to drinkers, nearly everyone felt the impact of a more meager variety selection and higher costs. ......READ MORE

Hopping Business | 3.05.2009
The Country Today - Eau Claire, WI

James Altwies says he believes the time is right to bring hops production back to Wisconsin.

Altwies and his partners at Gorst Valley Hops say Midwest beer makers are clamoring for hops grown locally instead of those imported from the Pacific Northwest or Europe. Gorst Valley officials hope to persuade Midwest landowners to plant hops and begin filling that void......READ MORE



Classes are full!

101/201 Workshops in February 2015

Registration Is Now Closed

The upcoming workshops are now full.  Our next sessions will be held in late Sept / early Oct.  Please join the mailing list at the top of the page to be notified when registration opens.


Hops Plants for 2015

2015??? That's right, it's time to start planning now. We have established a biosecure greenhouse facility and are taking deposits for live hops plants for your 2015 planting. Learn more about live hops plants and the ordering process here.

Hops 301: Field Lab Workshop

Registration Closed

Join us on-site at our 20 acre hop yard for this continuation of our popular Hop Production workshop series. Click here for more details about Hops 301.

Press Release: Best Practices Guide

We are happy to announce that the Hop Processing Best Practices Guide is finished and available for download.  Please see our Education page for more information and read the Press Release.

Brewing & Beer Styles

UW is hosting a two-day Brewing & Beer Styles workshop on 1/27 and 1/28, with instructors including our own James Altwies.  For more information please check out their website.


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