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What’s in a hop, anyway? What makes a hop flower Ultra-High Quality? And what makes Gorst Valley hops so darn great? 

All great questions but to answer them we have to understand a little something about plant chemistry.

Every brewer knows that hops contain both bittering and aroma characteristics. What brewers may not be aware of is that the chemical compounds that compose these attributes are very delicate. They are easily decomposed by heat, light and moisture to name a few. Apply heat during the drying process and the aromatic oils boil away, leaving the hops smelling more like cattle feed than the spicy flowers they really are. Harvest the cones on the wrong day and the resins that comprise the alpha/beta acid profile are either over or under developed.

The Gorst Valley Way

Every step of the Gorst Valley production and processing operation is focused on the well-being of these flowers. We grow on very small acreage to ensure that the eyes watching the plantation can inspect every plant, looking at vigor, maturity, nutrition and numerous other factors that result in hops of the perfect ripeness, commanding bittering power, and bold aroma. Much of the hop crop is even hand harvested, resulting in intact flowers and pellets that are leaf and stem free.

Returning to the Land – with Understanding

Wisconsin was once the leader in hop production in the US. However poor production practices forced the crop to fail and farmers moved to higher, dryer land in the Pacific Northwest. 150 years have passed and we now understand how to build a truly sustainable hop industry in the Midwest: And not just environmental sustainability, but also economic stability and social responsibility.
Gorst Valley is dedicated to fostering this triple bottom-line in every aspect of our business, returning the value to the grower and the brewer.

Commercial and Craft Brewers   Home Brewers
We’ve listened to your concerns within the industry and responded to your needs.
  • No contracts (unless YOU want one)
  • Locally grown, processed hops YOU can see, touch, and taste in the field
  • Stable pricing. We do not play the commodity game. Stable prices year to year
  • Custom variety blending
  • Any packaging size YOU want
  • Reduced shipping costs
  • In-house chemical and plant specialists to answer your technical questions

Please contact us at brewers@gorstvalleyhops.com for more details.

  Gorst Valley dedicates a portion of our harvest exclusively to home brewers.

Varieties include:
  • Cascade
  • Mt. Hood
  • Willamette
  • Brewer's Gold
  • Golding (Wisconsin)
  • Sterling
  • Newport
  • Nugget 
  • Centennial
  • Chinook
  • Columbus
All hops will be pelletized (T90) unless specifically requested otherwise. Sales are in 4oz vacuum packed gas barrier bags and frozen until sold.

To purchase hops for home brewing visit the Wine and Hop Shop online.



Classes are full!

101/201 Workshops in February 2015

Registration Is Now Closed

The upcoming workshops are now full.  Our next sessions will be held in late Sept / early Oct.  Please join the mailing list at the top of the page to be notified when registration opens.


Hops Plants for 2015

2015??? That's right, it's time to start planning now. We have established a biosecure greenhouse facility and are taking deposits for live hops plants for your 2015 planting. Learn more about live hops plants and the ordering process here.

Hops 301: Field Lab Workshop

Registration Closed

Join us on-site at our 20 acre hop yard for this continuation of our popular Hop Production workshop series. Click here for more details about Hops 301.

Press Release: Best Practices Guide

We are happy to announce that the Hop Processing Best Practices Guide is finished and available for download.  Please see our Education page for more information and read the Press Release.

Brewing & Beer Styles

UW is hosting a two-day Brewing & Beer Styles workshop on 1/27 and 1/28, with instructors including our own James Altwies.  For more information please check out their website.


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